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Deep Learning

The MindWave AI engine lets you perform a deep dive into your data and extract highly valuable insights. What makes us stand apart is the ability to train large amounts of raw data and serve actionable results.

Computer Vision

Analyze images, detect objects and people to extract and process visual data. From facial recognition and emotion analysis MindWave does it all. Convert scanned documents, images and even handwritten forms to searchable text high with our high quality Optical character recognition (OCR) engine.

Natural Language

Use our powerful NLP engine in your bots, applications and ioT products. A combination of AI, ML and linguistics gives your digital assistant a highly refined sense to communicate better with customers. Use the MindWave AI engine for practical applications like keyword extraction, semantic search, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, content extraction from semi-structured or unstructured data (like emails, documents and social media posts), language translation, article summarization and answering questions asked by your prospects and customers on your website or mobile apps.

Predictive Analysis

Take smarter decisions by letting MindWave’s team create a predictive model based on your datasets. We understand the trends and patters from historic data to generate forecasts that help estimate future results and drive a more calculated decision making process.

Data Sciences

Combining the patented AI engine of MindWave with the right team of data scientists, statisticians, ML experts and AI programmers, we build solutions and applications that fit the needs of your organization, because your data is unique and needs a model that works for you!  

Enterprise Level Machine Intelligence with MindWave

With all the content and knowledge explosion, it’s easy to get lost in this ocean of information. MindWave helps you analyse structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to provide invaluable insights for your company to stay competitive. Our cognitive computing engine searches and extracts content from various sources, summarises and organises it to give you readable information from the mined data. The best part is its ability to be adopted in a wide range of industries.

Media & Publishing

Leverage AI for content analysis,  recommendation, audience analysis as well as fact-checking, trending news, page layout design automation, content prioritisation and personalisation.

PR Agencies

Generate data driven content, determine influence, foresee media trends, perform sentiment analysis and act to neutralise negative media and reinforce positive chatter.

Banking & Finance

Streamlining multiple related processes, customer information, predictive trends, chatbots for improved customer experience and helping sales teams reach out at the right time with the right offerings.


Marketing bots, suggesting and delivering tailored content to targeted audience, predictive customer behaviour, data filter and analysis and so much more.

Education & Training

Provide hyper-personalized educative content, study buddies, automated assessment and adaptive testing to enhance the overall educational experience.


Make your IoT projects more intelligent with machine learning as well as managing and analysing the quantum of data generated by IoT Smart Objects for a wide range of industries.


Product and offer personalisation, chatbots, voice assistant, inventory management, retargeting, streamlining delivery routes, managing fake reviews, and purchase fraud.


Get key insights and check facts from internal and external knowledge base in structured or unstructured form to take the quality of your research and research reports to the next level.


Predict and mitigate cyber threats, anti-malware, dynamic risk assessment with anomaly detection as well as identifying relevant log data and system alerts.


Lower and streamline operational costs with demand prediction, route analysis, computer vision for tracking and even AI based visual inspection.


Reinvent the way you recruit by leveraging AI for shortlisting CVs and scheduling interviews. Remove biases and gain smarter people analytics within your organization.

Business Intelligence

Transform the decision-making system with business critical insights and improved, real time descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Customer Support

Leverage the power of AI driven chatbots, ML, NLP and Q&A matching engines to provide your customers with replies that constantly improve with time for a superior customer experience.


Improve disease diagnosis along with accessibility of information, disease management, treatment, medical assistance, health record analysis and faster drug development.


The merger of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, AI in robotics automates several tasks and processes from manufacturing to hospitality.


Access real time diagnosis of crops, their growth patterns, disease detection, crop quality and even higher yield when coupled with agricultural sensors.
One of the problems we faced was to find a smart way to automatically extract insights from unstructured data in research reports, news stories, etc. We used this AI platform to address our requirement and were pleased with the results. Deutsche Bank

Within our enterprise social network, a variety of communications among business employees consisted of conversations regarding business workflows and products. TipTop’s platform was used successfully to analyze some of these conversations to extract insights such as sentiment, key concepts, and nature of these conversations which were then displayed to our product’s users to help them improve their productivity. Socialtext

We engaged MindWave to help us further enhance our marketing efforts in areas such as search engine marketing and optimization. The results produced by TipTop’s platform in a short period of time helped us grow our business. Groupon

We engaged with MindWave during the development of our sales professional-oriented product which required a critical feature centered around retrieving only the relevant, latest news about employees and organizations they work in. The project was completed on schedule and this desired feature powered by their platform incorporated in our product to our satisfaction. Heighten, Inc.