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Our leading Artificial Intelligence platform is used to solve some of the most complex business challenges across a very wide range of industries


Go Beyond Your Imagination

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting and transformative opportunities mankind has ever created themselves for their own use.

Today, AI collects and learns from data within and without enterprises to streamline all processes within any business. But, AI is hard… very hard. That is how it must be. That is also why so many AI projects in businesses fail.

The reason MindWave AI actually works, is the result of 4 decades of painstaking, uninterrupted focus on every tiny detail of this patented, proprietary, powerful platform to truly deliver value to businesses at a giant scale.

As a result, MindWave AI creates an intelligence closer to human cognitive abilities, allowing it to make the right sense of what needs to be made sense of. With the power MindWave AI behind you, your business can experience growth beyond your imagination. Reach out to us today and make us an essential part of your future success.


Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that covers a variety of subfields such as machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, and image processing. Due to unprecedented levels of investment in AI in recent years and the rapidly growing interest in its adoption, the pace of growth in the underlying technologies and its practical applications is more than we’ve ever seen. It is clear that there is virtually no major area of human interest and enterprise that will stay unaffected by AI before the end of this decade.

MindWave AI is today being leveraged by leading businesses in nearly all major industry verticals. To remain competitive, each of these partner businesses seek to create an environment where every business process can be made more efficient and effective while saving the two magical elements of time and money.

At MindWave, we continue to consistently deliver on each one of these aspects.


  • Better analytical insights in business products and services
  • Risk assessment and advisory services in finance
  • IT services to improve productivity and to secure systems
  • Construction in areas such as design optimization and smart 3D printing
  • Disease diagnosis and cure recommendations in healthcare


  • In advertising from audience targeting to ad creation
  • Custom content and personalized targeting in media and entertainment
  • In the hospitality field for real-time response and personalized services
  • Travel booking, price optimization and itinerary planning
  • Aid in diagnosis and monitoring of patient health

Thank you very much for your efforts to showcase your capabilities on the advanced analytics. We appreciate your solution.

I&M Bank (Kenya)

We see a lot of progress in your platform as part of development and deployment of Web 3.0: The Dawn of Semantic Search

An original World Wide Web creation pioneer

On multiple occasions, I have used the platform’s APIs to create compelling hacks in areas such as automated product recommendations and customer care. These hacks were well-appreciated by the judges during Hack Day events organized in my company.