Media & Publishing

Leverage the power of MindWave AI to enhance the way news content is created, developed, presented and delivered.

Hyper Personalized Verified News

Give your readers a genuine high quality news that keeps them engaged based on their likes and dislikes
Over the last decade, news media organizations have been facing a lot of competition from social media companies like Google and Facebook. The fight for viewership and readership is getting intense with influencing readers, driving ad revenue and engaging audience. With news media feeling the heat, AI is the next logical step in the game. 
Unlike large internet companies, media organizations own the content and are able to produce high quality reliable news. Using AI in various departments and media dissipation, one can create a unique and powerful path to engage with the net savvy youth and users.

Analyze Sentiment

Capture, understand and quantify opinions across all media platforms. Filter the positive, negative and neutral content, judge the quality of your news and take more informed business decisions based on AI driven media intelligence that keeps your finger on the pulse of your viewers and readers.

Monitor all your media:

  • Broadcast, Video Streams
  • Recorded Video and Audio
  • Printed News and Images
  • Online text and Social Media

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AI Powered Media

Reuse and Syndication

MindWave AI can sift through the enormous volumes of archived videos or print articles in your database for reuse, based on contextual analysis. The powerful NLP and Vision abilities of MindWave help journalists quickly identify what content is relevant from archives and which images can be used to best suit the article.

Tone of Voice

We can never replace the deep content understanding of journalists. However MindWave AI works like an intelligent assistant that learns over time and helps provide insights to journalists from previous content related to breaking news or hot trending topics that speeds up the turnaround time.


AI gives the ability for mass media to finally understand user preferences, push the data back to publishers and suggest content that will have a higher impact as well as an improved reader experience. It has finally overcome long standing challenge of Hyper-Personalization based on an individual’s interests.