Business Intelligence

Transform your business data into simple, accurate, real-time narratives and capture detailed insight across multiple data sources at scale.

Real-time Insights

Integrate real-time analytics with business operations, resulting in decision automation

Data Analysis

Tackle vast data in no time, be it structured or unstructured to get comprehensive details

User Experience

Attain faster decision making and maximize user adoption with a seamless user experience

Task Automation

AI helps to automatically simplify business processes, analyze data, communicate insights, and derive actions efficiently.

Data Mashup

Secure, manage and combine data from different sources without the usual scripting, coding, or IT handling.

Predictive Analysis

Identify future outcomes and trends with the combination of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Business Transformation

AI is capable in escalating your company’s efficiencies mostly in areas of predictive demand and data analytics. Businesses use AI to predict the latest trends and market flow using various algorithms and recommend suggestions based on the data.

Mindwave with AI-powered business intelligence lets organizations transform data, into easy, accurate, real-time and actionable reports.

MindWave helps you integrate data and accelerate insights at a single place with smart suggestions and an intuitive interface that doesn’t require the knowledge of scripting or coding.

Business intelligence technology helps organizations analyze data points, monitor business metrics, enhance decision making, and drive marketing strategies to simplify processes, increase competitive advantage and improve efficiency.

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AI powered Consumer Profiling for Banking

Given very limited customer data that included the name, e-mail address and location, MindWave produced a variety of individual consumer insights for more personalised targeting

Search Retrieval of News with sentiment related to corporates

A real-time API was required by the client to integrate with their app which would obtain relevant news results for any professional’s name it provides with or without additional information such as their role or organization name.

Automated Student Assessment

The use of MindWave AI made it possible for automated assessment and adaptive testing. Which means assessing the difficulty of each question, and then score the student responses.