Reinvent modern healthcare with Artificial Intelligence technologies that diagnose diseases with accuracy, provide better guidance and manage treatment programmes.


Early detection of diseases faster and accurately


Personalized care according to the medical history


Advanced and comprehensive approach for treatment

Patient Experience

Improve patient engagement with efficient outcome and feedback

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing has streamlined various processes in the healthcare industry, improving and increasing treatment processes, patient care, and medical research.

Proliferation of technology through AI is burgeoning intelligent medical solutions to focus on preventive care, treatment variability, patient outcome and disease prediction.

Healthcare Industries have started adopting and updating AI at their workplaces to drive innovations, shrink manual work and support processes with accuracy.

AI with its ability to store and organize huge data, improves clinical care by drawing meaningful conclusions and predictions.

MindWave AI helps organizations to manage data and develop patient profile. Further with the use of profile we help in building predictive models to effectively analyze, diagnose and treat diseases and improve operations.

Analysing data related to medical history, helping resolve medical record interoperability and providing critical insights by extracting relevant data from all the ‘noise’ and making it actionable.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Customer Stories

AI powered Consumer Profiling for Banking

Given very limited customer data that included the name, e-mail address and location, MindWave produced a variety of individual consumer insights for more personalised targeting

Search Retrieval of News with sentiment related to corporates

A real-time API was required by the client to integrate with their app which would obtain relevant news results for any professional’s name it provides with or without additional information such as their role or organization name.

Automated Student Assessment

The use of MindWave AI made it possible for automated assessment and adaptive testing. Which means assessing the difficulty of each question, and then score the student responses.

Working Towards a Broader Prospect

With AI as a weapon to optimize workflow, we enable organizations to use cutting edge technology and address repetitive and time-consuming processes and tasks.

We use technology to find patterns in data without instructions, allowing the system to learn and improve from the given tasks. Our tailor-made programming interface delivers benefits and new opportunities to organizations across the board, not just in the healthcare sector.

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Value-based care for patients

AI improves clinical decision making and provides value care with high efficiency. AI analyzes and leverage data access and exchange to manage patient populations conveniently.
How AI is used by organizations in Healthcare.
AI helps in diagnosing diseases but also helps in research, administrative work, medication, drug discovery, online consultation and various other tasks. Due to its multipurpose work, it is being used in the healthcare industry to ease out processes and improve treatment plans.
How AI is impacting Healthcare Research.
Research and biotech companies are using AI to improve diagnosis and reduce error in disease detection. AI streamlines drug discovery and research processes to generate imperative data insights to acceleration the development of cures.
Is AI beneficial for diagnostic processes?
AI diagnosis diseases faster with a good level of accuracy, giving doctors the ability to provide better treatments. The use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms give access to fast diagnostic procedures and treatment for today’s diseases and ailments.
How AI is transforming ‘Bioinformatics’.
Bioinformatics is the science of analyzing complex biological data using computational methods. There has been a significant advancement in this field due to the increased use of artificial intelligence. With the help of AIm bioinformatics is providing powerful solutions to science by using novel tools and data analysis.
How AI and Robotics are defining the Healthcare industry.
The use of AI in developing healthcare robots is helping doctors in many ways. The adoption of AI for robotic process automation for common and high value administrative workflows and functions has rapidly increased to automate components of such functions. Although there is a long way to go, the possibilities are endless!