Deep Learning

Achieve state of the art recognition, accuracy and scalability with deep learning and its ability to study unstructured and unlabeled data.

A Subset of Machine Learning

Deep learning mimics the human brain in data processing for better decision making. With its ability to extract raw data and complex data features, it helps several domains to find solutions for unsolvable problems.

Unlike the traditional approach to analytics that uses present data to derive new variables, choose analytic models and estimate the parameters of that model. 

Deep Learning brings the new approach to replace the formulation of model with hierarchical architecture. The hierarchical layer of deep learning system helps the system to learn complex concepts and process data with a nonlinear approach.

Deep-learning systems are key foundation of modern services which includes driverless cars, voice recognition, facial recognition, healthcare sector, and so forth.

Deep Learning & Big Data Analytics

Semantic Indexing

An important task connected with Big Data Analytics is Information retrieval. Semantic indexing displays data efficiently and usefully for knowledge discovery and comprehension.

Semantic tagging / Data Tagging

Deep Learning helps to tag large quantities of data through simple linear modelling methods on complicated features.

Discriminative tasks

Executing discriminative tasks leads to extraction of complicated nonlinear features from the raw data using deep learning algorithms.

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