Transform your organization and create a smart environment by enabling machines to see, understand, identify and process image and video content.

What We Do

Enhanced Interaction

Enhanced human-computer interaction for enriched customer experience

Content Extraction

Content and metadata extraction from images to increase efficiency & revenue

Manufacturing Process

Improved quality assurance and operational efficiencies in manufacturing applications

Enriching possibilities with Computer Vision

Computer Vision is advancing technology that enables computers to see, analyse and process information from images or multi-dimensional data. It is used in various industries ranging from finance to robotics.

From providing digital experiences to facial recognition to extracting text data to boosting brand visibility, computer vision offers endless possibilities for automating business processes.

Computer vision combined with other technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, deep learning and facial recognition further practical use cases by broadening the capabilities in the field of vision.

We at Mindwave AI present bespoke computer vision services to meet your specific needs. Using the powerful vision capabilities of the MindWave AI platform, our team build apps that help streamline and automate business processes.

Valuable business insights

Character Recognition

Leveraging AI to detect text in images, scanned documents and hand-written content with a high level of accuracy be it from hand written financial instruments or forms.

Facial Recognition

Detecting and recognizing faces in images and videos with AI-enabled technology. MindWave provides face location, can carry out facial matches to locate target subjects and gather demographic information of people.

Video Analytics

Identification and tracking of images through object detection and tracking using real time videos. Users can even extract images in from video content and allow users to search through hours of videos quickly for the desired content.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Emotion analysis

The use of several algorithms and tools to monitor, analyze and process faces in images and videos in real time environment to detect facial expression and sentiment of customers.