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StudyBuddy is an AI powered digital learning assistant that creates an engaging and effective learning experience for learners. It is built on a powerful semantic engine that extracts, summarizes and synthesizes knowledge from natural language sources like textbooks, videos, and web pages. We use proprietary algorithms that approximate how human beings use and learn language. As a result, StudyBuddy can read all kinds of subject matter and can help students no matter what courses they are studying. Furthermore, StudyBuddy learns and improves along with the students, and also picks up each student’s idiosyncratic learning style. This allows it to guide students and help them to learn at their own pace.

Unlike other learning systems which tend to be ‘one-way streets’ that passively present the material to students, leaving them to do the heavy lifting, StudyBuddy engages with students in a conversational style. This style is most visible in StudyBuddy’s assessments and quizzes. For any subject that you’re trying to master, Buddy asks you questions of various types, sometimes helping you along with follow-up questions, and always using your answers to improve its understanding of your strengths and weaknesses so that its future interactions with you are even more personalized.


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