AI in Logistics

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Demand Prediction

Forecasting future customer demand

Route Analysis

Optimizing and automating cost efficient and shortest path for logistics


Real time vehicle tracking and tracing

Visual Inspection

Detailed quality check of products and items

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AI Driven Smart Logistics

AI is fundamentally changing the way packages and logistics move around the world. From ordering, inventory, tracking movement to demand prediction, its innovations are making a huge impact in the logistics industry.

AI technology is leading the way to smart roads, autonomous vehicles, drones, tracking systems, and many others. The influence of AI in the supply chain and logistics can be seen with planning to forecast demand, managing warehouse to optimize stock, use of real-time data to selection of an optimal supplier, getting accurate shipping details and so much more.

According to recent research, Artificial Intelligence implementation in supply chain is expected to be a $22 Billion market by 2027.

AI enabled logistics not only enhances the capabilities of a person, but it also eliminates routine mundane tasks, freeing up time for employees to deal with more critical tasks such as better informed decision making from the data analytics or doing final level quality checks that improve the sigma levels.

This drives the growth of AI in the logistics and supply market.

Years experience

Completed Projects

Some Customer Stories

AI powered Consumer Profiling for Banking

Given very limited customer data that included the name, e-mail address and location, MindWave produced a variety of individual consumer insights for more personalised targeting

Search Retrieval of News with sentiment related to corporates

A real-time API was required by the client to integrate with their app which would obtain relevant news results for any professional’s name it provides with or without additional information such as their role or organization name.

Automated Student Assessment

The use of MindWave AI made it possible for automated assessment and adaptive testing. Which means assessing the difficulty of each question, and then score the student responses.

Better Planning

From providing supply chain solutions to optimizing transportation inventory and improving operational efficiency, our tech experts offer semi or fully automated solutions to synchronize logistics processes with other factors.

With our AI-based logistics technology, we help companies use their resources in the right manner to maximize benefits. We also provide an all-in-one solution to anticipate events, manage inventory, analyze information, predict demand, and handle data, for improving the speed and accuracy of various processes.