Monitor Every Attack

from botnet detection to hacking incident forecasting

Hacking Incident Forecasting

Secure User Authentication

Network Intrusion Detection / Prevention

Botnet Detection

Fraud detection

Spam and Phishing


Phishing Detection

As phishing attacks grow more sophisticated along with millions of new phishing sites emerging each month, threats will continue to grow as we move to 5G and IoT. The changing landscape and sheer volume of phishing threats requires AI to provide enhanced cyber security. And that’s exactly what MindWave AI does.

Biometric Logins

Get more secure logins with fingerprints, retina or palm scan. AI helps reduce security breaches that can compromise email IDs, passwords and personal data. The biometric abilities of MindWave safeguards important information, like credit cards and social security.

Threat Intelligence

Detect, respond and anticipate cyber attacks. Threat Intelligence is a mix of data, knowledge and context with the aim of preventing or mitigating cyber attacks. As stated in the Art of War, you must know the enemy and know yourself. Understand who the attacker is along with their capabilities and understand the vulnerabilities in your systems. Only then can you make informed decisions to curtail cyber threats.
MindWave’s threat intelligence model helps identify and prevent cyber intrusion activity, give you a better visibility into cyber attacks and enact a cyber kill chain. MindWave AI puts itself in the shoes of the attacker to enhance its power of preventive detection.  It constantly learns and predicts various cyber attacks that may happen with the objective of exfiltration of sensitive data.

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Cyber Kill Chain

More than 80% of successful cyber attacks involve privileged credentials. Dismantling attacks at each step is the way to kill a cyber-chain.