MindWave AI enriches the quality of work and life by developing a new class of applications enabled through innovative AI technology for robotics across industries.

Robot Vision

Detecting objects or physical environment through the given data


Identify, grasp and place objects in position despite variations in shape


AI enabled mobility of a robot in an unpredictable environment

Machine Learning

Optimize accuracy and reliability through real time data analyses or ‘learning’

Assistive Technology

Ability to sense and process sensory information to benefit people, especailly with diasbiliities

Multi-Agent Learning

Distributed system that allow robots to corporate and interact to provide solutions with AI

Mobile Robots

AI-enabled mobile robots build a real-time map of its environment, sensing hurdles and re-planning a way to the reach their goal. Mobile robots use AI in a number of industries such as factories, warehouses, hospitals, etc.

Open Source Robotics

Robots are performing custom tasks based on the application, such as small-scale farming, inventory management, etc. The articulation of AI and robotics is becoming a growing trend.


AI can help with real-time correction and assembly of parts in the manufacturing sector from cars, to computers. Robotics in assembly line is mostly used where repeatable motion is present.

AI Robotic Interactions

The powerful combination of robotics and AI is paving the way for new automation possibilities. The potential benefits of AI are numerous that’s why AI with robotics are used in many industries from education system, health care, household, entertainment industry to military applications.
The advancement in robotics is used to complete complicated tasks, thus leaving humans free to focus on more pressing and important cognitive jobs. It further helps to upskill the workforce and work processes.

AI in robotics also helps a machine to learn the path that is best for certain processes on its own, while it’s in operation.


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Developing Cognitive Architecture

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