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The most sophisticated tool for Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis. Get media intelligence from audio, video, broadcast, images, rich social media and text.

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You’re sitting in your office and suddenly you get a notification that about a minute ago there was a negative mention about one of your biggest clients on one of the prominent news channels.

You turn on the channel and start listening to the reporter and start planning the strategy to handle the situation. It’s news is a claim about someone from their C-level team having said something controversial about women and he’s getting slammed in the media about it.

As you’re trying to absorb the information, you get another set of messages about news articles and mentions over the last 10 years  where he has spoken on gender equality and supported women’s causes.

You get another message showing the % chance of it being fake news alongside suggestions on what can reply, giving you time to neutralise and douse the fire. 

We make monitoring easy by giving you more time to respond to media coverage and handle any negative impression. Our sophisticated  algorithms gives you media intelligence by monitoring media across the board from video to audio to social media.

MindWave’s AV Listener is a platform that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the true market sentiment about the services, brand, competitors, organization or personalities that you manage.

websites crawled

Videos analysed


The most accurate method of capturing content from recorded videos or live streams in multiple languages, checking for facts, figures, fake news and identifying the sentiment around brands, products, services or personalities.


Listen to mentions from radio broadcasts or recordings to get insights you require – alongside video and social media – to get a holistic view on the performance or reputation of your organisation and competition.


We combine OCR with AI to extract text from images or scanned documents in any language to get an extremely high level of data accuracy. We them put it into context to get a measurable sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis from Social Media

Capture, understand and quantify opinions across all social media platforms. Get the positive, negative and neutral content to be able to react and take more informed business decisions.

Don’t be limited to only text, grab content from rich media like images, videos and sound files for true comprehensive media monitoring along with AI driven media intelligence that keeps your finger on the pulse and catapults you ahead of the competition.

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Can I see get a demo?
Of course, just contact us by phone or email and we’ll show you all the capabilities of the platform.
Which APIs are available to integrate with?
The APIs include Audio, Video, Image, Text and Social Media
What is the pricing for AV Listener?
It all depends on the minutes of video, audio or number of images. We have flexible pricing based on your volumes
What kinds of videos can I access?
From YouTube to live broadcasts, pretty much everything you can throw at AV Listener