Driving revolution in the agriculture industry with Artificial Intelligence to improve and increase the productivity and quality of crops.

Crop and Soil Monitor

Identify defects and nutrient deficiencies in soil and crops

Weather Forecast

Track and predict environmental changes for crop sustainability

Pest Detection

Early detection of pests and diseases to save crops

Optimizing Crop Yields with AI

In the ever-evolving tech world, Artificial Intelligence is penetrating deeper in every sector. One of the key industries that utilizes the benefits of AI in agriculture. Agriculture is observing a rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence and its applications both in terms of agricultural products and in-field farming techniques.

AI along with its applications allows the farming sector to analyze weather data, temperature, soil moisture, crop health, and plant growth in real-time. AI implementation is emphasized on various agricultural processes like harvesting, use of pesticide, determining the state of crops, drone crop analysis, and so forth.

We leverage AI to improve the potential for healthy crop production by providing alerts, notifications, images and tips through smart sensors, satellite imagery, robots, drones, and precision technologies. AI is also used in agro-based businesses to understand the market structure, performance of consumer behavior, agriculture policy, trade impact, agriculture resources and raw materials, and many other factors for healthy and sustainable development of crops.

Using MindWave’s computer vision and natural language processing engines adds intelligence to agro equipment that help companies improve multiple aspects of their business.

Harnessing the Power of AI


Smart Sensors

The sensors and satellites gather information and evaluate early detection of pathogens and contaminants in plants or soil. Sensors monitor plant health, soil condition, weather forecast, etc, and provide insight on how much pesticide or herbicide should be used.

Image Recognition

Plant Image Recognition helps in monitoring crop, in-depth field, analyzing agro-based data, among other functions. It identifies defects in soil, plant diseases and predicts risk of infection and indicates an outbreak of pests based on weather and time.

Agricultural Bots

The agriculture industry is adopting autonomous robots to perform labour intensive tasks like harvesting crops at higher volume and faster pace. Some robots are developed to pick ripe produce, and some protect crops from weeds by identifying weeds in between them. Leveraging AI allows you to take automation to the next level.


AI Projects

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“MindWave AI technology is changing the future of farming and empowering growers with a better experience. We leverage the technology in our hardware to save a lot of time and effort by estimating and detecting crop problems and issues.”
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