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From hyper-personalized educative content and study buddies to automated assessment and adaptive testing, MindWave enhances the overall educational experience

Revolutionizing the education experience

The effect of Artificial Intelligence has already begun to percolate through the education and training sectors. Teaching, learning and evaluation solutions are being used help education systems, improve learning outcomes and the overall educational equity and quality in the developing world. The MindWave platform helps educators and students succeed in achieving their learning and teaching goals.


  • Automated assessment creation, testing and evaluation of test results where tests can be entirely oral, oral and written, or written.
  • Dashboards to show fine-grained student performance snapshots for teaching staff’s use.
  • Prediction of test performance.
  • Creation of infographics to assess and improve understanding of data.
  • Pairing students with the most suitable mentors and so much more.


  • Interactive puzzles and games that improve language, analytical abilities, and memory.
  • Providing a richer learning experience to students with hyper personlization of auto generated study materials.
  • Pushing educative material in visual and audio formats via enhanced apps/mobile sites.
  • A “study buddy” allowing student to consult in natural language 24/7 about any syllabus topic.

Educative Goals of MindWave AI

  • Better performance at competitive examinations
  • Improved communication skills Personalized learning experience
  • Adaptive (real-time, always-on) learning experience
  • Improved data/analytical skills
  • Improved language skills

Customer Stories

Automated Student Assessment

The use of MindWave AI made it possible for automated assessment and adaptive testing. Which means assessing the difficulty of each question, and then score the student responses.

Search Retrieval of News with sentiment related to corporates

A real-time API was required by the client to integrate with their app which would obtain relevant news results for any professional’s name it provides with or without additional information such as their role or organization name.

AI powered Consumer Profiling for Banking

Given very limited customer data that included the name, e-mail address and location, MindWave produced a variety of individual consumer insights for more personalised targeting