AI Beyond Imagination

What We Believe

Our mission is to make sure that the ongoing Artificial Intelligence revolution benefits every business irrespective of its size and location.

In this decade, we will transform workflows in every business area in organizations across multiple industries globally.

What We Do

In an increasingly data-driven world, taking into account all relevant data and analyzing it to the greatest extent possible ‘automatedly’ in each and every work context is essential for any business to succeed. Using MindWave AI’s unique human-like intelligence platform, the businesses we work with now see better, know better, and thus act better.

Years of AI Experience

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Team Members

At the helm

Shyam Kapur, Ph.D., is a dynamic and accomplished professional, company founder, and pioneer who, for over 30 years, has brought about several technology-driven transformations using to the fullest his expertise in artificial/cognitive intelligence, big data analytics, machine learning, natural language learning and processing, data and text mining and related areas. During this time, Shyam has led development of product strategies and invented a variety of new technologies and techniques both to enhance and to build entirely new revenue streams for a wide range of businesses across many industries. Shyam Kapur

The Creator

A seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the software domain, Abdul has been instrumental in executing software projects and has diverse insight into various aspects of software development in a range of industries. Abdul heads the opertational aspects of projects and is intrumental in seeing them through to completion. Abdul H Kidwai

The Head Techie

For over twenty years, Anesh Madapoosi has used his advanced software engineer skills in startups and large corporations including Kontiki/Verisign, Infoseek, The Walt Disney Company, and Seagate. He has helped these companies gain a competitive edge through applying his extensive knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence, data analytics and natural language processing to large scale, high performance client server system architecture, and to the design and development of software for cloud and enterprise systems. Anesh has filed several patents and built a product to access emails using voice. He is adept at transforming quickly extremely complex ideas into innovative and engaging products and solutions. Anesh Madapoosi

The AI Geek

Marketing software products and solutions for 20 years, Akal has worked on strategies to penetrate and expand into markets for fortune 1000 companies. Pushing digital marketing from the early 2000s in software companies like Autodesk and Quark, he has always believed in the importance of content marketing as the primary cornerstone in the digital arena. Akal Sujlana

The Story Teller

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