AI Powered OCR

Detect text in images, scanned documents and hand-written content with a high level of accuracy


Take OCR to the next level with Intelligent Character Recognition

Handwritten OCR


Use source files including documents, scanned files, PDFs or images that have typed or handwritten content.


MindWave intelligently recognizes and extracts the text in a readable format and leverages its NLP capabilities to provide extreme accuracy.


Verifies and indexes the content in a structured database making it ready to be consumed by your existing system to provide insights.

Handwritten OCR

Using AI to enhance the ability of OCR for scanned documents, PDFs and emails is something most platforms are capable of. What makes MindWave stand out is the ability to extract handwritten text convert convert it into a searchable format.

The power of MindWave’s ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) lets you process hundreds of thousands of forms or checks around the clock that have a mix of typed and handwritten letters.

Customer Stories

AI powered Consumer Profiling for Banking

Given very limited customer data that included the name, e-mail address and location, MindWave produced a variety of individual consumer insights for more personalised targeting

Search Retrieval of News with sentiment related to corporates

A real-time API was required by the client to integrate with their app which would obtain relevant news results for any professional’s name it provides with or without additional information such as their role or organization name.

Automated Student Assessment

The use of MindWave AI made it possible for automated assessment and adaptive testing. Which means assessing the difficulty of each question, and then score the student responses.