AV Indexer

Extract key content from the actual video or audio file stored in your database and index it for effective search

Audio and Video

The platform supports a number of audio and video file formats 

Who is it for?

The Media Industry

The sheer volume and value of the number of videos and audio files stored in databases (especially the archives) needs to be well indexed and quickly retrieved for research content reuse, or syndication.

DAM / DMS Software

Digital Asset Management systems create searchable indexes based on metadata or searchable text in PDFs / Documents. AV Indexer gives you the ability to extract data from videos and make them ready for indexing

Government Bodies

From recorded debates to internal meetings, organising and intelligent tagging of historical and new audio-video content is a herculean task. AV Indexer achieves this for over 50 languages with minimal human intervention.  

Cognitive Search!

Once it’s all indexed, you need an intelligent search engine that can deliver what you’re looking for in natural language, with speed and accuracy.

MindWave AI has the most powerful general natural language processor that identifies and serves more relevant search results.

Coupled with AV Indexer, our cognitive search engine is able to make unstructured data  searchable.

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Plug AV Indexer into your DMS

Leverage the most powerful indexing tool for rich media stored in your Digital Asset Management or Content Management System

Can I see get a demo?
Of course, just contact us by phone or email and we’ll show you all the capabilities of the platform.
Which all languages are supported?
Over 50 languages are supported including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, 12 Indian languages and many more
Which APIs are available to integrate with?

The APIs are available for Audio and Video files. The system also has powerful computer vision capability to extract text from images and index keywords for better search.

What is the pricing for AV Indexer?
It all depends on the minutes of video or audio. We have flexible pricing based on your volumes and usage.
What kinds of videos and audio files can I access?

Most audio and video file formats are supported by the MindWave platform. You can connect with our technical team to know more.