AV Translator

Leverage the power of MindWave AI to translate video or audio speech from one language to another.

50+ Languages

Our AI engine supports a number of European, Asian, Indic and Middle Eastern languages

Audio Files

Translate audio files in all popular formats to the language of your choice


Use video from your library or from social media platforms 

Video content has a wide range of channels for viewer consumption; video on demand, social media, news broadcast, live streaming, recorded presentations and webinars are a few common examples.

Videos are a preferred medium of communication as a result of a few simple facts:

  • 90% of the total information transmitted to the human brain is visual.
  • The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Videos get 10 times more shares than other media.

This has lead to a spike in the demand for online video. This increase in consumer demand has made it critical for digital marketers, internal communicators and broadcasters to push out more video content that caters to a global audience.


With diverse markets comes the need to serve video content in local languages. With at least 50 commonly spoken languages there is a large gap in the availability of cross-published videos. Consumer demand videos in their local language

Translating videos manually is an expensive and time intensive process. MindWave’s AV Translator is an easy to use tool that ingests videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook as well as CMS / DMS / DAM systems and gives you output video in the language of your choice.

And we don’t mean subtitles, but actual spoken language. Sounds too good to be true? Seeing is believing, so have a look at AV Translator in action by watching the video below.


Real time translation

Get translated version of videos in real time. As you run the video through AV Translator, the output gets generated in real time.

This works on a wide range of video formats as well as online video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and social media channels.

What’s more amazing is the ability to connect a live broadcast stream into AV Translator, select your language and just watch the magic happen.


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Use Cases

Corporate Training

Give compliance and internal trainings across multiple offices and let employees choose the language they are most comfortable with 

Education & eLearning

Provide video-based learning and trainings in multiple languages to reach new audiences and geographies

Media Interviews

Let your customers hear their favourite celebrities, businessmen, panel discussion or broadcasts in their local language

Let’s build something amazing!

Want to add the power of video language translation to your Media or Content Solution? You’ve come to the right place!

Can I see get a demo?

Of course, just contact us by phone or email and we’ll show you all the capabilities of the platform.

Which all languages are supported?

Over 50 languages are supported including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, 12 Indian languages and many more

Which APIs are available to integrate with?

The APIs are available for Audio and Video files. The system also has powerful computer vision capability to extract text from images or even media from various social media platforms to give a translated output.

What is the pricing for AV Translator?

It all depends on the minutes of video or audio. We have flexible pricing based on your volumes and usage.

What kinds of videos can I access?

From YouTube to live broadcasts to audio streams, pretty much everything you can throw at AV Translator will give you the result in the target language.