Artificial Intelligence tools that we use and experience in our day to day life is just the tip of the iceberg. This technology is still rudimentary compared to what the future has in store. Public Relation (PR) is about communication and brand strategy; thus, to convey the relevant message to the audience using AI, gives opportunities for strengthening your brand.

Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations is new, but its impact has a huge effect in streamlining and improving the tasks. AI is incorporated in Public Relation to simplify mundane tasks such as posting on social media, email scheduling, calendar scheduling, and more.

Real-time data provides PR professionals with the idea and details of the content that is preferred by the audience. There are many other benefits of AI, such as sending direct messages to the target audience, real-time data analysis etc… AI has the capability to monitor consumer behaviour and gives insights to the brand to stay competitive in the market. 

Things PR should understand about AI

Artificial Intelligence is already used in public relations for social media automation, content creation, paid media and marketing analytics. But there are many factors that PR professionals should know and understand about the range of tasks that AI can be used for. AI is a larger umbrella that supports other technologies to provide data analysis and reports, giving free time and space for the PR pros to concentrate more on creative and strategic work. PR today vs a decade ago is completely different. 

Today PR pros are dependent on a data-driven decision based on consumer output. Technology can provide valuable information, but the output depends on the evaluation and input of humans. PR is related to the creative aspect; thus, when it comes to public displays like news and reporting, the details have to be accurate and factual. AI and machines in this matter cannot be relied on to validate facts from a human perspective. While AI plays a significant role in the industry, the intervention of both humans and machines will certainly embrace the growth factor. 

AI can and is making a big difference; here are a few tips and tricks to leverage AI in Public Relations:

Task Automation

Every business has tedious, mundane tasks that have to be done daily. Before the intervention of AI, such jobs were time-consuming, leaving less time for other priorities. AI automates tasks by shifting the data and detecting patterns. Such automation further helps in decision making of the PR campaign by determining the right time to launch a campaign, channels to use, social media post content, etc. Tasks like calendar scheduling, social posting, email scheduling, and others are already automated using AI. 

Sentiment Analysis

As discussed before in the previous blogFuture of AI in Hospitality’, Artificial intelligence is not only about cold data and automation. AI also possesses the skill to analyze data and determine the sentiment of the content both at company and audience level. The use of AI for Sentiment Analysis helps you to know what your customers feel and think about products, services or personalities.

These valuable insights let you take more impactful action to improve the services and accomplishments. The use of AI in Public Relations through sentiment analysis helps you understand the real brand image and tweak strategies accordingly to prevent negative reviews that could cause irreversible damage to a brand.


When it comes to customer relations and maintaining brand image, chatbots and real time answer generating bots can ease the burden of PR professionals by assisting customers with the instant gratification that’s in such high demand.

For example, Facebook improved its communication skills with its audience and clients with the machine learning tool, Bloomsbury AI. The tool provides a humanized approach and translations to not just talk but engage with the customers. Chatbots can be used in websites or social sites to interact with customers as a brand. Bots with learning systems gain experience by adapting to behaviour while engaging with human beings.

PR Campaigns

A lot of time and effort is drained when it comes to PR campaigns. Endless energy and investment is used to create what we believe are the best PR campaigns, without any surety of it producing results.

Campaigns require a lot of data handling that could take weeks to filter for humans. But with the help of AI, the data processing could just take minutes and provide a usable output that saves hundreds of hours. It is also essential to understand the sentiment of the audience for the brand and the product. 

Knowing this, one can devise strategies and plots to produce the best solutions. AI also helps PR professionals determine the best time to initiate campaigns to have a bigger impact on audiences. 

Concluding Thoughts

From automating, to marketing to gaining insights, AI helps PR grow and enhance brand image. One should focus more on the improvement of efficiency and creativity of AI in Public Relations. Artificial intelligence is an ever-developing tool that aids communicators in day-to-day tasks, allowing PR teams to place their time and energy into more creativity-based duties.

While AI in public relations is still developing, it’s not hard to see the impact of its potential it has on various tasks and processes.

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